Natural Foods Education  Jennette Turner
Looking for helpful, non-commercial information about balanced nutrition? You'll find it here. Jennette Turner has been educating people about the benefits of choosing natural foods to achieve better health for nearly 15 years. Her services are designed to not only educate, but to give you the practical tools necessary to make natural food choices and make good nutrition a part of your life:

Dinner With Jennette
Tired of cooking the same ol' things? Dinner with Jennette provides the delicious variety, organization and nutritional balance that make meal preparation a fun adventure.
During your consultation sessions with Jennette, you'll learn the basics of real nutrition, which foods to choose, and how to prepare nutritionally balanced meals.
Forward-thinking companies invest in programs that keep their healthcare benefits costs under control and their employees productive. Jennette's Healthy Workplace Education is the place to start.

Programs like Jennette's are part of our Lunch and Learn series, which focus on empowering our team members to make positive changes in their lives. While it is part of our total benefits package, it is also in line with one of our core values: recognizing that people are our most important assets.
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