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Natural Foods Education in the Workplace

Healthy Employees Do Good Work

Jennette Turner's Natural Foods Education for the Workplace programs help forward-thinking companies to proactively stem rising costs of employee health care benefits.

The goal of Natural Foods Education for the Workplace is to:

  • Prevent, control or manage adverse health conditions
  • Improve energy, focus and mood
  • Assist in weight management
  • Lower the number of sick days for employees and their children

The concept is simple: teach employees about the beneficial health properties of a variety of wholesome natural foods, and how to shop for and prepare them. Given the tools, class participants not only will improve their overall health, the company will benefit in terms of increased productivity and lower health care premiums.

Two Series of Nutrition Education Classes

Workplace programs are designed to fit into a one-hour lunch timeframe. There are two "menus" of classes to choose from:

  1. Eight-week Natural Foods for Health
    A comprehensive program designed to change current dietary behaviors into more healthful ones with lasting effect. See the full class description and benefits.
  2. Beginning (prerequisite) and follow-up Natural Food A la Carte classes
    Companies can purchase the beginning class and add as many subsequent classes as desired. A la Carte classes cover a variety of food topics, such as "Increasing Energy and Improving Mood" or "Getting off the Sugar Roller Coaster." See class descriptions here.

Getting Started in Your Workplace — Healthy Eating Seminars

Jennette would love to work with you to design a natural foods learning package that suits your company's needs. Call 612-374-6039 or contact Jennette via email.

Ongoing Support

Jennette's classes are supported in the longer-term by her online meal planning service, Dinner with Jennette-Meal Plans for Naturally Healthy Eating. Once class participants understand the benefits of natural foods, they'll be continually inspired to incorporate healthy food into their diets. This subscription series of meal plans, recipes, nutrition facts and shopping lists make it easy to eat their way to health.

Combat Food-Related Health Issues

Don't allow food to contribute to our population's increasing ill health in the form of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune syndromes and arguably, developmental conditions and cancers. Natural Foods Education in the Workplace is a great place to start.

Contact Jennette to schedule a program.

Multipure water system
How pure is the water quality in your home? Water contamination can come from a number of sources you have little or no control over.
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Programs like Jennette's are part of our Lunch and Learn series, which focus on empowering our team members to make positive changes in their lives. While it is part of our total benefits package, it is also in line with one of our core values: recognizing that people are our most important assets.
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