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Multipure drinking water system

Drinking Water Quality is Assured with a Multipure System

How pure is the water quality in your home? Water contamination can come from a number of sources you have little or no control over:

  • Agriculture chemicals leached into groundwater (pesticides and herbicides)
  • Illegal or accidental dumping of toxic chemicals
  • Lead or asbestos in pipes
  • Microscopic organisms (cysts, cryptosporidium)
  • Chlorination processes used in water treatment (i.e. the trihalomethanes in water are carcinogenic)

Trust Me on This

A Multipure Drinking Water System is what I use in my home and I highly recommend it—for drinking, cooking, ice-making, even for our cats. I’ve been an independent distributor for over 12 years and have had only positive feedback from my clients and customers.

Multipure units contain a carbon filter that you change annually. Multipure filters:

  • are NSF certified to reduce more contaminants than any other filter on the market
  • have a lifetime warranty
  • are economical
  • don’t waste water
  • are easy to use and maintain
  • are available in counter-top and under-the sink (with a spout) models
  • provide great tasting water

Note: the regular Multipure filters do not remove fluoride. The only way to remove it is through reverse osmosis technology. Multipure makes an excellent RO unit.

Learn more about Multipure and/or order a system online. When you order, please be sure to enter “Jennette Turner” as your distributor.

Plenty of water is key for optimal health!

Water is necessary for the digestion of food, getting oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and removing waste from our bodies. Good tasting clean water encourages you to drink more!

Bottled water is not the best choice

Bottled water is inconvenient, expensive, and environmentally devastating. According to the Earth Policy Institute, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used each year to manufacture plastic water bottles! Still more fossil fuels are used to transport the bottles. And the Worldwatch Institute claims that two million tons of plastic bottles are dumped into landfills each year. 

Consider this, too: most bottled water, (including the popular Dasani and Aquafina brands) is actually just tap water! The FDA doesn’t regulate water that is bottled and sold in the same state at all, and its standards are significantly lower for national brands than those of the EPAs.

Jennette Turner is an Independent Distributor, # 207429.

Please contact Jennette if you have any questions.

Multipure water system
How pure is the water quality in your home? Water contamination can come from a number of sources you have little or no control over.
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